Rich Punjabi Taste

         with Pure Spices 

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Est. 1999

Fast Food & Wedding Catering

Made With Love. Simply Delicious

Maintain the delicious Punjabi ancient taste with tasty and spicy red & green sauce. 

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Made With Love. Simply Delicious

While preparation we consistent to our self for crispy and crunchy Fine taste for Unique taste. Green & Red Chilly Recipe makes it more delicious. 

Made With Love. Simply Delicious

Customized Noodles Preparation is our "chef the art" style. We bring our our food journey exp. to your tongue . We know what you want to eat and discuss you also before preparation.

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Wedding/Functions/Events/ Snacks Party Cuisine

Premium Quality :Snacks Stalls / Catering / Decoration & Serving Staff arrangements we have and as per budget its customized also .

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Made With Love. Simply Delicious

Girls , Kids , Old Age People have comes in this category most .So we much care about the presentation and light salty & sweet mixture while making Dahi Bhalle.

Made With Love. Simply Delicious

Eating Papri Chaat when you are in a mood of action . Crispy Papri and right Flavor Will relax your tongue. 


A Fresh and
Seasonal Cuisine

Fresh Snacks will keep you refresh all time from Breakfast to lunch and till dinner also. Our Wedding /Events special varieties will keep your mood and energy in better way.